Europe & Eurasia Publications, June 2011

12 07 2011

A list of recent reports on Europe & Eurasia that were highlighted in the June issue of the Democracy Resource Center Bulletin.

EU anti-corruption requirements: measuring progress in Albania, Kosovo, FYR Macedonia and Turkey
Albania, Kosovo, FYR Macedonia and Turkey must do more to guarantee the effective implementation of anti-corruption laws, according to a report from Transparency International, which calls on the governments to build capacity and improve governance in key institutions. Source: Transparency International

Georgia’s Choices: Charting a Future in Uncertain Times
Georgia is entering a period of transition, with parliamentary and presidential elections due in 2012-2013, after which a new constitution will take effect. Source: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

The New Role of Central and Eastern Europe in International Democracy Support
The democracy promotion efforts of these countries-countries that are still grappling with some domestic democracy issues of their own-have been limited in scope and inconsistent, ad hoc, and given a low priority at times. Still, these countries have very recent, in fact ongoing experience with democratization that gives them valuable expertise and perspectives that other donors do not have, and therefore special credibility in the eyes of recipients. Source: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Inclusion of a publication does not imply ownership or endorsement by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED); rather, these are publications that the Democracy Resource Center believes would be of interest to NED staff and others interested in democracy promotion.


Troubled Partnership: U.S.-Turkish Relations in an Era of Global Geopolitical Change

7 04 2010
Source: RAND Corporation.

This report notes a strong security partnership with Turkey has been an important element of U.S. policy for the last five decades. However, in the last few years, U.S.-Turkish relations have seriously deteriorated, and today they are badly in need of repair. The arrival of a new administration in Washington presents an important opportunity to put Washington’s relations with Ankara on a firmer footing. Turkey plays a critical role in four areas of increasing strategic importance to the United States: the Balkans, Central Asia and the Caucasus, the Middle East, and the Persian Gulf. In each of these areas, Ankara’s cooperation is vital to achieving U.S. policy objectives.