Party Caucuses, Party Discipline and Professional Performance in the Peruvian Legislature

6 04 2010
Source: International IDEA.

This report studies the internal dynamic of congressional groups and identifies their strengths and weaknesses and provides a base from which steps toward reform and strengthening can be taken. In Spanish.


Open Society Institute and Soros Foundation Network

1 03 2006 The Institute’s goal is “to shape public policy to promote democratic governance, human rights, and economic, legal, and social reform.” From their web site users can access a number of publications reflecting the Institute’s work. Also available is information on a number of grants, scholarships and fellowships available, as well as detailed information on the application process.

The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law

23 02 2006

This organization aims to establish a legal framework for strengthening civil society across the globe. Their work includes providing technical assistance to over 90 countries and partnerships with civil society representatives and government officials. Users can access news briefs and press releases, which examine recent legislation and policy developments that bear directly on the area of civil society. The “Tools and Publications” area includes assessment tools (such as a bibliography on the nonprofit sector and civil society) and a number of guidelines for laws affecting civic organizations. Users will also want to visit the archives and current edition of the ICNL’s own journal, The International Journal for Not-For-Profit Law. URL:


23 02 2006

“… [T]he first world institution whose members are elected by the people. It links democratic members of parliament and congress into a global forum, combining meetings and electronic communication. Organizations, companies, journalists and individual citizens are all invited to participate.” Through a combination of electronic communication and face-to-face meetings, the e-Parliament gathers ideas that work from parliaments around the world and makes them available to other lawmakers online. URL:

Global Legal Information Network

23 02 2006

Database is provided by the Law Library of the United States Congress, it draws from countries from around the world who provide access to their own legal documents. Countries who participate in the program include Brazil, Costa Rica, Kuwait, Peru, and Romania. Users can search official full text legal documents, including judicial decisions, legislation, and laws. URL: