Multiregional Publications, May 2011

1 06 2011

A list of recent multiregional reports that were highlighted in the May issue of the Democracy Resource Center Bulletin.

Civil Society Organisations in Situations of Conflict
This new report authored by CIVICUS in partnership with the Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness summarises working conditions in more than 46 countries worldwide.

The Great Democracy Meltdown
The truth is that the Arab Spring is something of a smokescreen for what is taking place in the world as a whole. Around the globe, it is democratic meltdowns, not democratic revolutions, that are now the norm. Source: The New Republic

Guidelines to Understanding, Adjudicating, and Resolving Disputes in Elections (GUARDE)
To assist international actors in the development of effective complaint adjudication systems, IFES has identified seven principles that are crucial components to any complaints adjudication process. Source: International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES)

The hidden crises: Armed conflict and education
This report cautions that the world is not on track to achieve by 2015 the six Education for All goals that over 160 countries signed up to in 2000. Although there has been progress in many areas, most of the goals will be missed by a wide margin – especially in regions riven by conflict. Source: UNESCO

The World Development Report 2011: Conflict, Security, and Development
The report examines the changing nature of violence in the 21st century, and underlines the negative impact of repeated cycles of violence on a country or region’s development prospects. Source: World Bank

Inclusion of a publication does not imply ownership or endorsement by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED); rather, these are publications that the Democracy Resource Center believes would be of interest to NED staff and others interested in democracy promotion.




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8 06 2011
Faiq Ismailov

Conflict, Security, and Development

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