Middle East & North Africa Publications, May 2011

1 06 2011

A list of recent reports on the Middle East & North Africa that were highlighted in the May issue of the Democracy Resource Center Bulletin.

Arab Spring Fails to Improve U.S. Image
With the exception of Indonesia, Obama remains unpopular in the Muslim nations polled, and most disapprove of the way he has handled calls for political change roiling the Middle East. Source: Pew Global Attitudes Project

Constitutional Reform in Transitional States: Challenges and Opportunities Facing Egypt and Tunisia
This Peace Brief examines some of the challenges to constitutional reform in transitional states and offers mechanisms for increasing the legitimacy and democratizing effect of constitutional reform. Source: United States Institute of Peace

A Decade of Struggling Reform Efforts in Jordan: The Resilience of the Rentier System
Efforts at reform in Jordan have been blocked by a resilient class of political elites and bureaucrats, who fear that such efforts would move the country away from a decades old rentier system to a merit-based one. Source: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Inclusion of a publication does not imply ownership or endorsement by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED); rather, these are publications that the Democracy Resource Center believes would be of interest to NED staff and others interested in democracy promotion.




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