MENA Publications, March 2011

8 04 2011

A list of recent reports on the Middle East and North Africa that were highlighted in the March issue of the Democracy Resource Center Bulletin.

Iraq and the Kurds: Confronting Withdrawal Fears
Iraq’s new coalition government and the Kurdistan regional government in Erbil must start talks on disputed internal boundaries or risk an outbreak of violent conflict along a “trigger” line dividing army troops and Kurdish regional guard forces, the peshmergas. Source: International Crisis Group

The Syrian Rift
Bashar al-Assad’s dictatorship is facing its biggest crisis since he inherited his father’s position in June 2000. Not long ago, in a long, thrilling interview with the Wall Street Journal, Assad spoke about the stability of his regime, in sharp contrast to the crumbling Mubarak regime. Source: Brookings

Yemen between Reform and Revolution
Unprecedented protests and the regime’s heavy-handed response risk pushing Yemen into widespread violence but also could and should be a catalyst for long overdue, far reaching political reform. Source: International Crisis Group

Inclusion of a publication does not imply ownership or endorsement by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED); rather, these are publications that the Democracy Resource Center believes would be of interest to NED staff and others interested in democracy promotion.




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