Conflict Barometer 2009

20 01 2010

Source: Heidelberg Institute on International Conflict Research, University of Heidelberg

In this report a total of 365 political conflicts was counted in 2009. Among those were seven wars and 24 severe crises, amounting to 31 conflicts fought out with the use of massive violence. Sporadic violent incidents occurred in 112 conflicts, which were therefore classified as crises. Nevertheless, the majority of all conflicts were conducted non-violently, with 108 cases being classified as latent and 114 as manifest conflicts. Compared to the previous year, the total number of conflicts rose slightly from 353 in 2008 to 365. The total number of non-violent conflicts rose by ten, as did the number of crises. In contrast, the number of highly violent conflicts decreased considerably from nine wars and 30 severe crises, i.e. a total of 39 highly violent conflicts, in 2008 to 31 highly violent conflicts in 2009.




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