Honduras: Rights Violations Under De Facto Regime.

12 01 2010

URL: http://www.conexihon.com/ediciones/edicion119/documentos/ESTADO%20DE%20SITUACION%20DE%20LA%20LIBERTAD%20DE%20EXPRESION%20EN%20HONDURAS.pdf. Source: Comité por la Libre Expresión (C-Libre).

This report recorded 127 cases of violations against freedom of expression since the Honduran de facto government seized power in June. The report is based on the monitoring and tracking of violations of freedom of expression and the right to information, based on first-hand investigations by C-Libre, media reports and information provided by human rights organisations. The closure of and explosive attacks on media outlets, illegal detentions and the dismissal of journalists has resulted in self-censorship, says the report. The suspension of constitutional rights undermined the rule of law, while brutal censorship of the media prevented Hondurans from knowing what was happening throughout the country, and hence unable to form their own opinions of the political situation. For more information, please see the full report (Spanish language only).



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