Eastern Europe: A Crisis of Confidence in Capitalism?

21 12 2009

URL: http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102491018855&e=001AHUYsDCADhpE_AOsKQ4WScLQGtC88jmwENixVE1o7Ap1Jk1BVoRu-RiygjOBMkxq6MYWar4woWfnXcXotQZRA5DQBGQJbgGYTLJQFQRNFlUZ-ATItBdRLlBzZZvWd1emDUKA-bKfWgq8HsQES1XwiB88v4nThJsrtNAa_8SH6ESBXKvAl2HIgA. Source: Pew

Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany caused a stir at last weekend’s European Union summit in Brussels, warning his fellow leaders that they should not allow the current economic crisis to create “a new Iron Curtain” dividing the continent. Survey research shows that in recent years support for the free-market system has been on the rise in Eastern Europe, especially in countries such as Poland that have enjoyed impressive economic growth. However, compared with other regions of the world — and in particular, compared with their Western European counterparts — Eastern Europeans embrace free markets somewhat tepidly.




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