English-Nepali Glossary of Federalism Terms

20 11 2009

URL: http://newsletter.paloma.se/clickstat/default.aspx?MGd=e4fb62da-db2f-497b-a486-4b83a51dfceb&EGd=3934c6ec-0456-4eb5-8fe1-329f06038223. Source: International IDEA.

This Glossary offers definitions for some 300 federal terms and their translation into Nepali. It will help foster a common understanding of the key terms used in federal arrangements. It will also serve as a tool to explain federal concepts to individuals and groups as they engage in the process of preparing submissions and proposals to the Constituent Assembly. Finally, the Glossary will help in the standardization of Nepali constitutional terminology and contribute to the development of plain language drafting of legal and constitutional texts in the country.




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