Herdict Web

18 03 2009

URL: http://www.herdict.org.

Ever have trouble accessing YouTube or Amnesty International’s website, and wonder if it’s just you or if a bigger force is at work? Thanks to Herdict Web, a new online tool by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, you might just be able to find out.

Herdict Web, a hybrid term from “herd” and “verdict”, provides insight into what users around the world are experiencing in terms of web accessibility
– and whether it is a shared problem. Wherever you are located, you can report a website as accessible or inaccessible.

Herdict Web uses crowdsourcing – aggregating reports in real time from real users just like you, giving you a sense of potential reasons for why a site is inaccessible. Trends can be viewed over time, by site and by country.

A quick peek at the site now shows that YouTube and websites that let you circumvent the censors top the list, and users in the U.S., China and Thailand have had their access repeatedly denied.




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